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The Grand Electronics, Avionics and Robotics Spree – GEARS – is a thrilling and incredibly outstanding two-day event with an objective of providing a stimulating environment to the students that challenge them to exhibit their skills and capabilities through participation in quite a few mind-boggling competitions, encompassing Electronics, Avionics, and Robotics Engineering, from various schools, colleges, and universities of Pakistan .

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This competition is for those who consider themselves competent in electronics and want to showcase their skills, can take the initiative of grabbing the opportunity to win fabulous prizes.
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Speed Wiring

A competition to check the ability of the participating teams to implement the circuit on a breadboard in the shortest possible time period.

Mathematical Hunt

This competition is about finding a treasure hidden at various locations within PAF KIET using the answer keys to the mathematical questions raised.

Engineering Quiz

A competition for those who have clear concepts of engineering and want a platform to show off their skills,

Project Evaluation

A competition for those who have clear concepts of engineering and want a platform to show off their skills,

Circuit Designing

A competition for you to test your knowledge of Electrical Engineering Design using components such as Op-amps, BJTs, FETs.

Speed Programming

This competition is to test your problem-solving ability to hone your skills using computer programming in a competitive environment.

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The Event

So what are you waiting for? GEAR up for a fun-filled extravaganza. Get registered (as an individual or represent your school, college or university) for a competition of your own choosing and prepare yourself for a mind-blowing and cutthroat competition to see for yourself your own place in the market and also grab an opportunity to win fabulous prizes.


In the wake of booming aeronautical and aerospace engineering and artificial intelligence, GEARS is offering you a unique opportunity to create a new design or innovate a miniature model of existing aircrafts and fly.



Flying a drone competitively at high speed in First person view is an intense and immersive experience. Gear up for a fun-filled extravaganza

Clash of Glider

The students can have fun while learning the basics of aerodynamics by making and flying the Glider. Balsa wood and all the necessary stuff would be provided to make the glider.

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